Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Tropical Holiday

So, blogging is supposed to reach it's peak in 2007. At least I'm not late.

I've been in Florida for some time now and, no matter how much I try, I still cannot get into Christmas. I go through all the motions: I close the blinds, set the air conditioner to 'Ludicrous Speed', get the room all dark and cozy and watch 'White Christmas' or 'It's a Wonderful Life' and it works great until I have to go outside. Then, it's a 'White Hot Christmas' and a 'Humid Life'. I'm actually relieved when it's over so I can stop pretending to be in the 'spirit'. I grew up in a state that has all four seasons unlike Florida that has only two: Hot and Not So Hot, and, believe me, the Hot season is much much longer than the Not So Hot season. Only people who were born and grew up here or on the planets Venus and Mercury can truly get into the Christmas frame of mind in this state. Oh, and, of course, this guy:

He's Mister Green Christmas
He's Mister Sun
He's Mister Heat Blister
He's Mister Hundred and One

He's too much!

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