Friday, March 30, 2007

Confection Reflection

If there's still any remnants of a kid lurking somewhere deep inside of you, there's a good chance that you may remember these:

Or possibly this:

Or maybe even these:

Zotz were one of my favorites (I was partial to the fizzy centers) and I'm positive I haven't even seen them since I was 12-years-old.

Anyway, check out oldtimecandy and see if they have any of your favorites.


Chris said...

Bazooka gum, Lik-m-Aid Fun Dip, Burnt Peanuts, Pop Rocks and, well on the page they call it the Marathon Bar (Curly Wurly) but in Canada I think it was marketed as the Wigwam bar. But I could be wrong. But I definetly remember the woven chocolate.

But a 2 not listed that I remember: Gold Mine Gum & soap candy - it tasted like soap so why did we eat it as kids?

Great, now I'm craving junk food at 12:15 AM, thanks.

John Taylor said...

Sorry about that.

Here's a link for the Gold Mine Gum:

No luck on the soap candy (the real stuff) - at least not yet.

Anonymous said...

Zotz are still being manufactured. They may have different flavors, but they have watermelon, cherry, and green apple, as far as I know. They're wonderful. =)