Thursday, March 01, 2007

Queen to Queen's Level 3

While we're on the subject of movies.......

********** GEEK ALERT **********

As if I haven't been geeky enough for the past couple of days, now I have Star Trek news to share.

First, I should clarify the type of fan that I am. I don't necessarily think that all the incarnations of Star Trek have been good, but I've watched every one of them because I'm a fan and that's what fan's do. I definitely felt that a couple of the series' were not up to standard, but I watched them anyway because without support it all goes away and I'd rather have an "okay" series than none at all. Plus, I'm not the type of person who gives up when things get difficult. Well, unfortunately, the series "Enterprise" was canceled and the last motion picture, "Nemesis" (which I really enjoyed), didn't fare well at the box office and so it all ended with nothing new on the horizon.

Then, a glimmer. In July of last year, Paramount announced that they had signed a significant deal with J. J. Abrams, the creator of "Alias", "Lost", and writer/director of "Mission Impossible 3", and given him the reigns to Star Trek in order to develop the next film. At the time, there were a lot of rumors about what Abrams' role would be and he was kind of non-committal except for stating that he would produce and "help develop" the story.

Now, I was aware of all of these rumors before I went to see MI:3, and while I never doubted Abrams' story telling abilities, I wasn't sure that he was up to the task of directing since, at that point, he'd never directed a feature film. Before MI:3 was over half over, I was convinced that Abrams would do a spectacular job directing - which meant, of course, that someone else would direct it.

Fast forward to Tuesday when what I'd been hoping to hear for six months was confirmed with Paramount announcing that Abrams would indeed be directing the next Star Trek feature with filming set to begin this fall and a projected release date of December 25, 2008. Merry #@!#$@%! Christmas! I am such the geek. Anyway, I'm very excited because I thought Abrams' work on MI:3 was exceptional and I'm anxious to see that level of ability applied to a Star Trek film. What I think I like the most is the fact that no one's really going to know what to expect. It's the complete unknown.....kind of like what Gene Roddenberry wanted us to experience every week.

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