Tuesday, February 27, 2007


While we're on the subject of movies........
I know that I mentioned this in one of my previous posts, but I felt that a quick revisit might not be such a bad idea in case anyone (out of the three) who reads this, by chance, missed it.

If you're a fan of movies and have a taste for what, critically, amounts to some of the most important films ever made, then you really should check out the Criterion Collection. They have been making definitive editions of movies since around 1984 and were one of the primary reasons that movies became available in their original aspect ratio. Criterion was also the originator of "Special Editions" or "Directors Cuts" because they worked closely with the filmmakers to provide content for those who were interested. Their other large contribution to the film world has been the fact that the company has spent a significant amount of time and money restoring classics that could have easily been lost, forever.


Chris said...

True but they are soooooooo expensive. My first introduction to Criterion (or however you spell it) was The Royal Tennanbaums. What a fantastic movie and so perfectly cast. Huge Wes Anderson fan.

John Taylor said...

hi chris,
I really enjoyed the movie but didn't see the Criterion edition and I absolutely concur with you on Wes Anderson.
FYI-Amazon.com often has excellent prices on Criterion discs.