Friday, January 26, 2007

As Some Day it May Happen (They've got a little list)

So it seems that a major killing spree was averted in Tennessee. Six girls, ages 14 - 15, were arrested and charged with homicide conspiracy. Apparently, the principal of the girls' high school found the 'little list' of intended victims. The girls had cleverly hidden the list in the garbage can where no one would ever think to look. According to the article, the principal initially thought it was a joke until authorities went to the girls' MySpace pages and found postings that included the word 'kill.' Now, I'm sure they found things more incriminating than, "I could just 'kill' my ex-boyfriend," or "I'm going to 'kill' my parents if they don't let me get a tattoo." The Police Chief said, "In general terms, it was like, 'Let's kill these people,'" but he wouldn't provide specific wording.

Oh, and the reason the principal thought it was possibly a joke was because the hit-list contained 300 names including students, faculty members, Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey and that heinous Energizer Bunny. 300 names. In that case, each girl would have needed to kill 50 people had they not been busted by a 'seemingly' random occurrence of bad luck. It's not mentioned in the article, but I heard that the girls were ratted out by an informant who also had his 'sights' on the bunny, but wished to remain anonymous.

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