Saturday, January 06, 2007

Children of Men


I'm not a movie, music or book critic. I don't believe in critics (I know they exist but I don't know why). If you decide to see a movie, listen to a compact disc or read a book based on the opinion of someone you've never met and know absolutely nothing about, then you've reached a point in your life where most of your meals should consist of strained peas and jell-o and, afterwards, you're rolled out to the garden for some quiet time. As far as movies go, I generally know what I want to see well in advance of the release. Which means I've decided before a 'critic', who's paid to see a movie he or she may not even want to see, gives their opinion of it. Whenever I hear something like, "Well, the critics really liked/hated it," I always think of my mother and that proverbial bridge she was so fond of linking me and my friends to. Speaking of friends, if I ever found myself in a situation where I felt a little advice could be helpful, I'd more likely seek out the suggestion of friend rather than a critic. I know my friends and the type of things they like or dislike; I know which ones are looking for entertainment or inspiration. I've listed some of my favorites (movies, music, books) which should give you an idea of my tastes and if you've read any of my previous posts, you should have an idea, as well. My idea is to have a chat, not write a review.

Children of Men: I went to the morning show and was very surprised by the number of people in attendance. Usually, it's just me and a handful of cheapskates, but the theater was probably a quarter full. The movie was very well done and the 'look' used to convey the depressed state of everyone and everything was perfect. I'm a huge fan of overcast, grey days and I was right at home in this film. The story (Man's last days because of no longer being able to reproduce and the discovery of a pregnant girl and the politics involved) is taken very seriously and played very believably and while there is never a definitive 'why', none is really needed because that's not the real issue at hand. The issues are how people are coping and what impact possible salvation might mean after certain actions have been taken.

I'm a fan of Clive Owen, Julianne Moore and, of course, Michael Caine. I tend to like their performances even if the movie they're in sucks. (Anyone see 'Jaws: The Revenge? My point, exactly.) Fortunately, all three were very good, as usual, and the movie is definitely one I will see again. I really thought Clive Owen did an exceptional job considering he had to be the conduit for the majority of the emotional output of the movie. I hope he gets some recognition for his performance.

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