Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil

I absolutely had to share this article.

So, it's lunch period at Taylor Killian's high school in Westerville, Ohio and he decides to get naked, rub grape seed oil all over his (naked) body and run around (naked & greased) screaming and flailing his arms.

There was a police officer monitoring the lunch period who ended up shooting Killian with a stun gun, not once, but twice. The article said that Killian "got up after the first time he was shocked to continue running toward a group of frightened students huddled in a corner." I couldn't help but think of my high school in South Carolina. We didn't have police at school but we did have tons of guys walking around in those blue Future Farmers of America jackets that knew how to catch things that were greased. Taylor wouldn't have stood a chance and I really don't think there would have been much huddling going on. So much for that recent video games = violence theory.

My favorite part is where the police said "that an administrator ordered Killian to stop, but he made a sexual gesture and kept running." Call me crazy, but when you're naked and greased, everything you do is a sexual gesture.

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