Thursday, January 11, 2007

Saving All My Stuff For You

I really dig yard/garage sales. It's fun looking at other people's things and seeing what was, at one time, important to them. The things that actually meant something have a distinct 'used' or 'cared for' quality about them while the things that were crappy gifts still look brand spankin' new and are, often times, still in the original packaging. If you pay attention, you can definitely learn a lot about the people doing the selling (sometimes, too much) and, at the same time, find something that you can't believe they're selling for $2.00 because it's obviously worth much more. I always seem to be able to find the 'really cool' items at yard sales. One time, I lucked out and got a brand new Salad Shooter©, still in the box, for $1.00. Score!

Some of my friends are big into garage sales and often find amazing items for themselves and their families and, sometimes, they get things for me because they know I'm into unique stuff. In fact, a good friend of mine was in New Jersey, yesterday, for Whitney Houston's garage sale. It seems she had some items that needed to be sold for some quick cash, or something like that. All I know is that he found this sweet glass sculpture (I've included the picture he sent me) and said he got it for next to nothing. What a steal! I'm not sure but I think it's some kind of French abstract-geometric piece. Whitney probably didn't mind getting rid of it because I think she has a bit of a problem with the French. I seem to remember hearing that she said something like, "Chirac is whack," a while back. Oh well, her loss is my gain.

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