Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Tunes

Today's been an extremely busy day and I haven't had my usual 'goof-off' time so, I'm taking it now. Work be damned!

Actually, I'm finished for the day - I was merely flexing my rebellious muscles. Sometimes, I need to feel rebellion coursing through my veins like hydraulic fluid through pressurized lines, so I'll cross against the "Don't walk" signs, leave CD's lying about out of their cases and I've even been known to buy an apple and eat it on the spot without washing it or anything! I'm a wild man!

Okay, not really, but I was busy today and when I'm steady at work, I tend to listen to more music which can be a really good thing because I usually think of things that I haven't listened to in quite some time. I don't normally bring music to work, but I can always find something good online, and one of my favorite streaming sites that I've found is: You can search for songs by name or artist, make your own playlists, and find equal amounts of old and new stuff that you can listen to as you see fit. Click on the picture to go there.

And just in case you haven't journeyed to some the the places I go, The Scottish Lemon has some very cool music links (XFM Scotland, for one) on her blog. If you visit, be nice and say "Hiya."

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