Wednesday, January 10, 2007

To the Letter

I saw Steve Jobs introducing the iphone, yesterday. Okay, I'll admit it, I want one. It looked very sleek and I'm absolutely sure that it will be a great phone and people will have conversations in all kinds of different places and situations. Oh, and have car accidents.

However, the iphone does offer many things besides simply having a conversation. For example, while driving through an s-curve or making a u-turn, you could listen to music like NSYNC or P-Funk. You could check your email (gmail) and with the web browser you could research and read about M-theory. You could be at home drinking bee-pollen tea, naked as a jaybird and reserve a room at a W-hotels. You could place the iphone on shelf (supported by L-brackets) and wait for a call while you design things with a T-square that require O-rings. You could even download the new music from H-Town and, eventually, an old television show, like F-troop, to your c-drive to be transferred, later, to the iphone for your listening and viewing pleasure. I'm sure, at some point, the iphone will be like a mini x-box that plays games like Q-bert. You don't have to be a G-man, who wears V-neck sweaters, drives a K-car and lives in an A-frame house, with a wife who's a D-cup, to appreciate a device such as the iphone. Personally, I think every straight-up (y-axis) kind of person could use one of these.

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